Ebenezer Farm is a member of the non-profit organisation The Antioch Initiative.  Ebenezer Farm gets its name from 2 places:


Ebenezer- This part of the name comes from Hebrew meaning "Stone of Help".  Ebenezer Farm is built mostly of stones that came from its own land.  We have seen much happen over the years and have much to be thankful for...thus wanting our site to have a name giving meaning much like it had in its day when people would build an altar or Ebenezer as a remembrance or place of thanks.  We are hoping that many people would come to Ebenezer Farm and leave with their own "Ebenezers" in their lives as a result to being at the farm.  


Farm- The campsite is set on a piece of land that used to be a farm and is also surrounded by other farmland in the area. The spacious land is full of nature and life.  The land is set with brilliant gardens, open fields, and even has a river running through the bottom of it...allowing any of our guests freedom to create the experience that they need while getting away.  




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